Nuh Aygün Dalkıran

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Managerial Economics & Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, 2012.
M.A. Economics, Sabanci University, 2006.
B.Sc. Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, 2004.
B.Sc. Economics, Middle East Technical University, 2004.


- Stochastic Control Approach to Reputation Games, with Serdar Yuksel,
 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, forthcoming.

- Expected Scott-Suppes Utility Representation, with Oral Ersoy Dokumacı and Tarık Kara, [slides]
 Journal of Mathematical Psychology,  2018, 86, pp 30-40.

- Order of Limits in Reputations, Theory and Decision, 2016, 81(3), pp 393-411.

- Common Knowledge and State-Dependent Equilibria, with Moshe Hoffman, Ramamohan Paturi,
Daniel Ricketts, and Andrea Vattani,  Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Proceedings of
Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory 2012,
pp 84-95. longer version.
- Epsilon-Nash Implementation, with Mehmet Barlo, Economics Letters, 2009, 102(1), pp 36-38.

Working  Papers / Work in Progress:

- Behavioral Implementation under Incomplete Information, with Mehmet Barlo [slides]

- The Emergence of Categorical Norms, with Moshe Hoffman, Erez Yoeli, and Martin Nowak

- Coordinated Enforcement, with Moshe Hoffman, Henrik Sigstad, and Erez Yoeli
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Bilkent University
Department of Economics
Bilkent / Ankara 06800 Turkey